Palmerston North Street Van was started in 1994, with a purpose to serve the public within the Square at night by providing hot drinks and food to anyone who needs them.

Since then, our operations have grown and we now have several vans. One is a dedicated ‘food truck’ used to distribute hot drinks and food. The other vans are ‘take home’ vans who patrol the streets and give safe rides to vulnerable people who have no transport and no means to get home. We help keep our inner city safe during the weekends.

During the week days our vans are available for other community groups who do not have access to suitable transport. We support various organisations, clubs and schools.

To help us serve the community, we operate two op shops known as Palmerston North Street Van Charity Shops. They are located in Manawatu Street in Hokowhitu and the other on King Street located at the front of our office. Our Friends of Street Van is a way for people to donate to us on a regular basis, and we are very grateful for their support. We are also assisted with the help from trusts, clubs, and other funding agencies. It is because of the generosity of people we are able to serve people in our community.